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Animals Currently at Chester's Barn


Grit is a retired Alabama ranch horse. He was no longer fit for the ranch. Another loving soul bought him at auction but found out that he was not sound. He suffers from navicular. Grit arrived at Chester’s Barn in July of 2023. His navicular is under close watch. Grit will spend his retirement years at Chester’s Barn. He has buddied up with Steppin and the King of all the other horses, except Barney.


Is Patches daughter. She is a Waygu Beef cow that is very affectionate. Born in 2020 and sponsored by Country View Excavating and Landscaping. She loves hanging out in the field with mom and grandma. Dayze was a fast runner as a young heifer. She would run back and forth in the pasture as if she was practicing for the Olympics.


Chester’s Barn welcomed Tulip to the world April 13, 2022. Tulip’s mom, Dayze, is taking good care of her. Dayze is extra fond of this cute critter. Tulip is being sponsored by Country View Excavating and Contracting.


Miss Hershey loves to give out kisses. She is as sweet as can be. She is our oldest bovine resident. Estimating to be in her 20s. Hershey was in a dairy milking herd most of her life where she had 9 calves. She was rescued from slaughter when she was pregnant with her daughter Patches. The farmer bought her off the slaughter truck and asked if I could give her a forever home. Hershey has been a resident at Chester’s Barn since 2015. She enjoys laying in the pasture, watching kids play, and eating apples! Lots of apples!


Sammy came from the wild west but don’t let that fool you this giant has a gentle side. He is a puppy dog. First one to greet you in the pasture and barn, perhaps he just wants food but maybe he really likes attention. He is a yes man, always shaking his head for more treats. Sammy was doomed for slaughter at an auction. He was 700 pounds under weight, when Chester’s Barn got him you count his ribs and see his hip bones. His weight gradually came on and now he is the king of the barn. He loves kids and giving kisses.


Sparkles was a cart pony that suffered suspensory injuries. She was no longer useful to her owner with the injuries. She came to Chester’s Barn to recover and is doing great. She loves attention and treats. Her recovery has gone well and is now being used for some light riding. She’s obsessed with Sammy but must fight the other mares for his attention. When children visit the barn Sparkles is first to the door to greet them.


Beautiful Rango is a 2015 model Ayrshire. She was a scholarship calf for a local youth. Rango spent some years in local production providing the community with delicious dairy products. She also showed in multiple Dairy Cattle shows. She ended up in Vermont and was very emaciated. When asked if Chester’s Barn would take her on we couldn’t help but say yes. She is slowly gaining weight but has a long ways to go. Her lungs are in tough shape too but we are working closely with our vet to get her back in tip  top shape. When she arrived at the barn she tripped off the trailer she was so weak. She was fearful too. Within days Rango was regaining trust with humans again and a month later she knew she was Home! Rango is very photogenic and loves participating in photo sessions with her human friends.


Steppin is Chester’s Barn most recent rescue. Her owner became severely ill and could no longer provide the care she needed. Her owner reached out to Chester’s Barn and transferred ownership to us. Steppin was rescued from slaughter by her previous ower and is part of the Forever Morgan rescue group. Steppin adjusted quickly to her new pasture mates. She loves to race Sparkles back to the barn for dinner.


Rue was tormented by his fellow hens. When he arrived at Chester’s Barn in November of 2023 it was as if he survived a pecking war. His feet will never be perfect again, but he has recovered very well and is up for adoption. He is a sweet Rooster that doesn’t have a mean feather in him. He enjoys eating his meals with goat company, Chessie and Maverick!


A.K.A Piglet! Chessie arrived at Chester’s Barn in September. She was born prematurely and the farm she was at had her slated for euthanasia. Jan Kirshenbaum (her rescuer) called Chester’s Barn asking if we had space for this sweet little angel. The answer was easy! Yes! Chessie is a favorite in the barn. She has visited college campuses, nursing homes, businesses, and housebound neighbors to share her contagious smile. If you don’t smile when you see this goat we can’t be friends! Her joints are not formed right but she is determined to live and loves life. She is a model of resiliency and determination.


Mischievous Maverick! Maverick suffered from a dog attack at 4 months of age. Chester’s Barn administered pain meds daily and IV antibiotics. The future looked grim for Maverick but within a week he started to show signs of improvement. Now Maverick is a boisterous nuisance but very entertaining. He has gone out on therapeutic visits but prefers to stay at the barn. His main priority in life is to protect Chessie.


Barney is a sweet mini stallion. He is at Chester’s Barn under our respite care program. His human family lost their house to a fire shortly before Christmas 2023. While his family rebuilds their home Barney is slumbering at Chester’s Barn. He certainly is a little firecracker. He might be little but his attitude is larger than life. Welcome Mr. Barney.



Gracie the Spaniel! This poor little girl has had a brutal life. Her owner died just before Christmas of 2022. That owner had adopted Gracie from a shelter because Gracie was found roaming at a park, abandoned. It’s hard to know how old Gracie is but she is a senior dog. She suffers from separation anxiety but is making huge progress in this area as she regains trusts in humans. She is so afraid he human is going to abandon her again. Gracie loves spending time with Grandma Anna, a favorite volunteer at Chester’s Barn. Gracie will retire at Chester’s Barn and promised to be spoiled.


Donations from generous people just like you help fund our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-acclimate animals here at Chester’s Barn. Please consider making a one-time or a recurring donation, or visit us at our events.

Rescues That Have Found New Loving Forever Homes

Sally and Tonie

Sally and Tonie found their new forever home in Vermont. These two minis are inseparable. They are now spending timing learning tricks and eating lots of treats. Tonie and Sally were the first equine rescues to come to Chester’s Barn.


Thunder came to Chester’s barn in the winter of 2022. He came from a neglect case in Syracuse. Estimated to be only 1 year old and on his third home. A beautiful couple adopted Thunder now known as Bailey. They describe him as “the light of their life”. He is now living his best life ever, going to dog parks and swimming all summer.


Hennesey was a rescue from 2020. His owners moved and left him in a cage at the old residence alone. They didn’t know what to do with him. Chester’s Barn was contacted and Kendra had a wild ride home with Hennesey. He learned quick and adjusted to freedom of playing freely. Hennesey was adopted by his forever family a few months later.


Mr. Chicken was dropped off in a box at Kendra’s work desk at Cornell University. It was literally “here he’s a runt take care of him.” Mr. Chicken got his name because the first night in the barn he ate all the chicken eggs and was found sleeping under the hay with chickens pecking him gently. After several months Mr.Chicken grew to be big and strong and found his forever home where he roamed freely with horses and cows.


Grettle was a twin and had a rough start to life. You wouldn’t have guessed seeing what a vibrant ewe she became. She is now a mama to many. Living on hundreds of acres of rolling grass hills in the Southern tier. She loved grain and eating with the horses. She could be found playing with Lily’s tail during the day.


Hunter spent summer camp at Chester’s Barn. His owner was incarcerated and that left Hunter homeless until his extended family could come back for him. Hunter spent three months slumbering around the house and enjoying walks through the woods with the goats. He was such a sweetheart with all the animals and absolutely loved visiting the barn. He had a favorite rug in the house that we would call his “magic carpet”. He would drag it out each night to get ready for bed.


These two goats were so entertaining. They loved people and loved going on walks. A goat loving family adopted these two sweeties in September. Goose and Gomer are living the best goat life ever. Chester’s Barn routinely gets updates from their new family.


Forever in our hearts and never forgotten.




Patches was born on May 27, 2016.  She was a miracle calf as her mom Hershey was slated for slaughter while pregnant with Patches.  Patches had three calves in her lifetime. She was known to be the dinner bell. Everyone knew when Patches was hungry. The mooing would bellow through the walls. Whenever she saw people at the barn she would coming running like a puppy dog, except she was 1500 pounds. She loved watching over the farm and keeping track of company visiting the barn. Her favorite event was trash pick up day. She would run along the side of the fence line chasing the garbage truck as it left. She was the clown of the barn that loved to give kisses and eat anything that was in your hand. November 24, 2023 was a devastating day for Chester’s Barn, Patches had a large tumor in her stomach that eventually made her extremely weak and unable to get up, despite best efforts of veterinarian interventions. Patches died at home peacefully alongside her favorite humans and bovine family. Good night my Patchey!


Lizzie and Steppin were best friends. Lizzie’s owner came down with a severe debilitating illness and could no longer care for her. Lizzie loved her treats and nights outside under the stars. The night before she died she was found outside in the pasture with her best friend Steppin. It was a warm night and the fire flies were magical that night. It was like a scene from a book. Lizzie passed away at the age of 35, surrounded by love from Chester’s Barn. Lizzie will be missed forever by all that new that sweet angel.

Lily spent her retirement years at Chester’s Barn. She was a show pony for youth but when jumping and showing wasn’t fun anymore for Lily she came to Chester’s Barn. Where she spent her time freely to enjoy large pastures and company of other horses. Sammy and Lily became bonded. When Lily passed on November 20, 2023 at the age of 30, Sammy became depressed. He would spend hours each day staring at the woods hoping that Lily would return. Yes, animals mourn too. Lily was surrounded with love during her last moments. Good night sweet Lily!